Dragon Tiger Bonus

The newest and well-known dragon tiger give the best bonuses

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The newest and well-known dragon tiger give the best bonuses. Dragon Tiger is one of the table games that originated from the Chinese gambling community. It looks like Baccarat but it is simpler compared to Baccarat. It involves two sides, the Dragon and the Tiger so if you want to make a bet, the chances will seem like 50/50 but that is not the case.

Dragon Tiger is more challenging when played on the land based casino than when played online. You can tie with the opponent if you are not careful therefore be keen and play your games perfectly to win the outstanding rewards of the game.

So far, Dragon Tiger Bonus has been awarded to people who play in the Casino. We have the best deals in this Dragon Tiger game because so far, it is the simplest game to win. If you happen to have same cards color of the same suite then that one is considered a tie. You should therefore restart the game again.

The simplicity of the game should not compromise your thinking therefore you should always find a way to beat your opponent. We offer one of the most thrilling odds in this game and if you win three times continuously then be sure to get the best rewards in town.

Consider following the below tips to get cash from the Dragon Tiger bonuses

Track your cards. This is a live dragon tiger game. Count the cards to see which small and big cards have been dealt with. This makes you to have the best outcomes at all times. Most important, track the number 7 cards because no matter how many cards you have bet or dealt with, if seven is not present, then you lose everything in the game. Just make sure that you bet nicely and track the cards well.

Deal with the suits. Keep following and analyzing what kind of suits have been dealt with and you can end up becoming the most successful person. It is true that Dragon Tiger is all about luck but if you strategist, you can end up becoming the most successful person in the world. This is what makes us to be the best at all times.

You can make money any time you feel like. Follow the same suite and you will most likely going to succeed. By knowing the suite that is remaining, you can be sure to get the best results.

Tie bet is always the worst option for people who don’t know. Although is it gives a certain amount, the commission taken as house edge is normally 37 percent which will leave the gambler with nothing. Stargaze well and become a free winner which will make you to be rewarded all the hefty amounts.

Another mistake that you should not make is using the betting machines to place your bets. This is going to cause a big lose to you because they are programmed machines. Just go your way and bet live or on real casinos.

In our Malaysian casino, you can be sure to enjoy maximum Jackpots at all times. You have the capability of becoming the jackpot winner and you can win as much amount as you want. Learn from the demos that we provide and you will be the lucky one to get all the wonderful money. You can be sure that we are here to offer you with the best rates more than any other casino can give you. We believe that you deserve better and that is what makes us to treat you like a boss. Come live and get the Dragon bonus.

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