Playing Buttons and Blinds Poker Games at the Casinos

Playing Buttons and Blinds Poker Games at the Casinos

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In the button games, the dealing of the cards is done by a non-playing dealer. There is a round disk in the game that is used to indicate among the players who has the position of the dealer. Any of the players with the button is the one supposed to receive the cards as the last on the initial stage of dealing and also have the right for the last action in the game at the end of the first betting round.

There is one or more blind poker bets that are normally used in the game to trigger the gambling activity and thus cause the game play to be initiated at the gambling site. In the game the blinds are always part of the bets or else otherwise the structure of the game or the circumstances demands that part or the whole blinds to be dead. Dead blinds are not part of the bets made by the player.

When there are two blinds in the game then one of them which is a small blind is being posted by the player in a clockwise direction and the second blind which is a big blind is posted by another second player in the clockwise direction. When there are more than two blinds then the smaller blind is normally placed on the right of the button. The game is started by the player who is on the left hand side of the blinds.

Remember the tips and rules of Blinds

  1. Each of the players in the game is entitled for a chance for the button. The players are supposed meet the total amount as set by the blind rules.
  2. Any player who will happen to post a blind will have an opportunity of raising the bet during the first action of the first turn. This action cannot be applied in the game if at all there is a dead blind used in the game.
  3. In the game that is played with two blinds, the small blind is supposed to be on the button.
  4. The game allows new players to enter the game and these new players will be entitle to the following options
  • They have a right of waiting for a big blind to come before they play.
  • Can also post the amount of money which is equal to the big blind and at the same time dealt with a hand.
  1. If one of the new players is elected to let the button went in the game without posting, he or she will not receive the same treatment as that of the player who will have missed a blind. The player just needs to post a big blind when he or she is entering the game for first time.
  2. The player in the game who happens to be playing over will be taken as a new player in the game and thus he or she is supposed to wait for a big blind to come in the game or
  3. decide to post an amount which is equal to the big blind.
  4. There is no way a new player in the game will be dealt between the button and the big blind in the game; this is because blinds can’t be formed up between the big blind and the button. Thus it is good that the new players should be patient and wait for the big blind.
  5. The bet is opened up by a player posting a big blind.
  6. Resuming by the players who happens to miss out on blind is done by posting all the missed blinds or wait for the big blind.

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